Most of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) invest a lot of time and effort in maintaining their accounts manually. With the recent COVID-19 impacting such enterprises profoundly and rapid digitalisation in every industry sector, more businesses are looking for digital solutions to operate their organisations. To help them with run their business in an easy and efficient manner, accounting software like the newly launched Tally Prime is of great assistance. Tally Prime is trying to bring innovation to make life easier for all business owners. It is a new-age tailor made software that makes managing your business much sorted and simpler with the right insights. There are new features that have been incorporated in Tally Prime that will never make you want to get back to any of its older versions. Here are some of the top features in the newly introduced Tally Prime: ? The new ‘Go To’ and ‘Switch To’ feature allows you to discover insights and reports which you may not have noticed earlier in the course of your business. This will help to boost efficiency and simplify business management to a great extent. It also allows you to do multi-tasking as you can switch from one feature to another seamlessly, while keeping a continual track of the previous actions. ? In Tally Prime, magical reporting gets even more insightful with Change View, Basis of Values, Exception Reports that you will find across the accounting software. ? Features like Data Entry and Recording Experiences has now got more simpler – that makes Tally useful and applicable to various diverse business scenarios completely helping them to plan the growth of their business better. The More Details feature will help you manage all sorts of situations that arises in the business. ? With our new Top Bar, Right Bar and more spontaneous navigation mechanism intended to give you a great and simplified user-experience, you will be able to handle transactions in a quick and hassle-free manner helping you to focus on your business operations with ease. ? The About Report section is the new one-stop source for all product related information including license, TDLs, connectivity, company data, updates, status of online services and more. A growing business demands more from you everyday and when you are growing, you need a partner that is fast, reliable and flexible to adapt to your business and way of working. The all new Tally Prime makes everyday business management exceptionally simple.