As per the latest amendment from CBIC, businesses with an annual turnover exceeding Rs 5 crore must generate e-invoices for B2B transactions starting August 1, 2023. Previously, this requirement applied to businesses with a turnover of Rs 10 crore and above. E-invoices are electronically uploaded by suppliers and authenticated by the IRP with an IRN and QR code before issuance to the buyer. To comply with this mandate, businesses need reliable software, like TallyPrime, which seamlessly integrates with the e-invoice portal to generate, track, and manage e-invoices. TallyPrime directly handles the entire process, including authentication and automatic printing of IRN and QR codes on the invoice.


TallyPrime's e-Invoicing features:

Instantly create e-invoices: TallyPrime allows automatic generation of IRN and QR code on invoices while recording transactions, or with a simple click of a button from the e-invoicing report

Direct IRP integration: TallyPrime's e-invoicing solution directly interacts with the e-invoicing portal, ensuring faster, reliable, and fully connected instant e-invoice generation.   

Bulk invoicing: TallyPrime, a comprehensive business software, enables businesses to effortlessly generate single or bulk e-invoices. It allows seamless generation during voucher entry for individual transactions or in a single click for multiple invoices at once.   

Get an overview of e-invoices: TallyPrime provides e-invoice reports, offering an overview of all tasks, including completed, pending, and rejected e-invoices, streamlining the management process.  

Supports offline export: TallyPrime's connected services allow easy offline export of e-invoicing data in JSON or Excel format to tackle network connectivity problems.   

Create e-way bills: TallyPrime offers the convenience of generating e-way bills and e-invoices simultaneously, along with online options to extend, cancel, and update e-way bill details.  

Manage IRN seamlessly: TallyPrime is a flexible solution that automates e-invoice generation, management, IRN retrieval, and QR code printing on invoices without manual intervention, ensuring up-to-date books for your business.   

Useful alerts: TallyPrime's alert mechanism detects anomalies and accidental changes in a multi-user setup, ensuring data integrity and accuracy. 

GST return filing: TallyPrime ensures precise GST returns with its prevention, correction, and detection features. Auto-filled returns and direct JSON file generation for portal upload guarantee efficiency and accuracy. 

Online access to reports: Access a diverse selection of valuable business reports and view them on the go from any mobile or device, regardless of your location.  


 Benefits of having e-invoicing software:

- Instant e-invoice generation without the need for multiple platforms or tools, thanks to its digital nature.

- Enhanced accuracy and reduced human errors due to the absence of manual interventions.

- Assists in compliance with e-invoicing norms, ensures accurate returns filing, and maintains synchronized books and integrated record tracking.

- Simplifies invoice tracking, granting greater control over the invoicing process.



As per CBIC's latest announcement, businesses with an annual turnover exceeding Rs 5 crore must now generate e-invoices. With the implementation date drawing near, a comprehensive e-invoicing solution like TallyPrime becomes crucial for a smooth and seamless transition.