Pratibha Devasenapathy 2021-07-31 12:05:36

With the release of Tally 2.0, several procedural capabilities are helping in the long run. The high-level programming languages will need proper support writing for and from across multiple hardware devices. The new Tally or Tally Prime is designed for business owners.

It is necessary to develop a proper goal, and Tally 2.0 will play an essential role in managing businesses effectively. Tally 2.0 is the new business management software that can assist Tally users such as accountants, Data entry operators, CFOs, Chartered accountants and more.

Benefits of Tally 2.0

Tally 2.0 can serve all businesses in the long run. Some of the most prominent benefits to look forward to are as follows:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Speed and powerful
  • Flexible

Extensive Benefits of Tally 2.0

  • Tally reports in browser

The Tally 2.0 is one of the most prominent aspects that can bring several benefits. It plays an important role in enhancing the impact and can help to calculate the reports in the browser easily.

  • Auto e-way bill

Tally 2.0 helps to auto generate the electronic bills. This plays an important role in business management.

  • GST and HSN verification

Furthermore, Tally 2.0 is extremely beneficial for GST and HSN verification that allows businesses to work. This plays an important role in promoting collaboration and bring significant benefits.

  • Save and view reports

After generating reports via browser, you can save and easily view for Tally 2.0. This allows to keep a check with businesses and promote

Features of Tally 2.0

Tally 2.0 has been designed for new-age businesses that can be extremely beneficial in the long run. These different features play an important role in ensuring the growth of businesses. Some of the common features of Tally 2.0 that helps to promote businesses, in the long run, include the following:

  • Invoicing

Tally 2.0 makes it extremely easy to manage invoices and accounts. Furthermore, it also helps create optimized billing, thereby ensuring the protection of businesses and hosting configurations.

  • GST/Taxation

Tally 2.0 makes it extremely easy to create GST compliant taxes such as bills of supply and sending accurate files. Furthermore, customers can easily create e-invoice too.

  • Inventory management

Tally 2.0 is one of the most flexible software to use. It paves the way for easy inventory management and can also assist in different processes like godown management, batch and expiry date, job costing and more.

  • Credit and cash flow management

It helps to manage credit and cash flow across different areas of businesses. Tally 2.0 can play an essential role in managing cash across your business, thereby helping to maintain cash flow.

  • Data security

Business data is extremely sensitive, and Tally 2.0 plays a vital role in ensuring proper data security. The multiple user access control is wholly feature-based and can help to restrict data choice.

  • Ease of access

One of the best features of Tally 2.0 is that it allows easy access to business data. You don't have to compromise the data sharing and can easily access it whenever required.

Tally 2.0 is an entirely optimized software for business purposes that can help in managing all the complexities effectively.