Struggling to spot unuploaded supplier invoices? Having difficulty tracking discrepancies with GSTR-2B/2A? Managing invoices from various return periods seems overwhelming. Fret not! Get the latest TallyPrime version for seamless GSTR-2A/GSTR 2B reconciliation, making it quick and effortless.

GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B reconciliation in TallyPrime:

With TallyPrime, effortlessly import your GSTR-2B/2A statement for automatic reconciliation. Get a quick, comprehensive summary of reconciled and mismatched transactions. Unreconciled transactions are flagged in different categories, enabling easy identification of mismatches and suitable action for resolution.


Let’s look at how TallyPrime makes GST reconciliation easier. 

Ease of GSTR-2B and GSTR-2A reconciliation:

TallyPrime's GST reconciliation simplifies the process by automatically reconciling books' data with uploaded GSTR 2A/2B statements. It generates a quick, comprehensive summary of reconciled transactions and mismatches. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly manage matched and unmatched invoices. 

Recognize the unreconciled transactions:

Unreconciled transactions are categorized and flagged to identify mismatch reasons, enabling users to take appropriate actions for resolution.

Identify invoices not uploaded by your supplier:

TallyPrime helps identify unreconciled invoices from suppliers, unaccounted in books, and mismatches in return periods. This aids in managing input tax credit and addressing issues related to non-uploaded invoices, ensuring accurate financial records.

Track invoices with mismatches in the return period:

In cases of transaction date mismatches causing entries in different return periods, TallyPrime allows users to update the 'GST Return Effective Date' in their books, ensuring accurate reflection in the respective return period.

Reconciliation status summary:

TallyPrime's reconciliation statistics section provides an overview of reconciled, unreconciled, and uncertain transactions. Detailed transaction information can be accessed by drilling down from each sub-section.

Probable matches:

TallyPrime's intelligent reconciliation solution identifies positional mismatches like Section, GSTIN, or Doc No. in GST details, grouping them separately for easy identification and action to reconcile transactions, even after taking precautions during recording.

Multi-GSTIN Support:

TallyPrime's GSTR-2A/2B reconciliation report offers a comprehensive view of GST details and activities for multiple registrations/GSTINs. It provides flexibility to view and resolve uncertain transactions individually or collectively across companies/branches as per business requirements, simplifying the management of GST data for various registrations. 

Easy, and intuitive design of reconciliation report: 

TallyPrime's GSTR-2B and GSTR-2A reconciliation report provides a quick and comprehensive view of reconciliation activities. It highlights pending actions in amber and portal values in blue for easy identification. The report's structure mirrors the portal view, ensuring easy understanding and quick analysis in just a few minutes.