e-Invoicing with TallyPrime

Pratibha Devasenapathy 2021-03-23 07:21:11
What is e-invoicing? e-invoicing is a process of uploading all your business to business (B2B) transactions like sales, credit and debit notes generated on the IRP (invoice registration portal) for authentication or registration. Once the authentication is done, the IRP issues a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) for every invoice that is raised. This IRN will be then converted into a QR code along with other invoice information & printed on the face of the invoice for it to be considered valid. E-invoice solution in TallyPrime For a smooth transition to the e-invoicing system, it is extremely important that your business management software need to be integrated with the IRP portal. It is an open secret that Tally is recognized GST Suvidha Provider (GSP), to communicate directly with the IRP TallyPrime uses the GSP route. • You can directly send your invoices to the IRP through TallyPrime. • Once the invoices are authenticated by the IRP, TallyPrime receives the IRN directly from the IRP and converts it into a QR code along with other information & updates your invoices accordingly. • All you need to do is simply print the QR code on your invoice. You also have an option to print the IRN. • TallyPrime can also assist to generate e-way bill number & also to record it in your invoice by obtaining the information directly from the IRP. With the process mentioned above you wont ever need to go anywhere else for e-invoicing! TallyPrime E-invoice report for a clear picture TallyPrime also offers an exclusive report that will give you a birds eye view of the status of all your transactions with respect to e-invoicing. • You can check the status of your e-invoices instantly. • IRN (Generation/Cancellation) for applicable invoices. • Override status of your invoices manually • Deleting IRN information including QR code & create a fresh one if required. Access to useful alerts for complete control To prevent redundancy and ensure the updated data is shared with the e-invoice portal TallyPrime offers timely alerts in multi-user scenarios. These alerts also helps in safeguarding accidental modification, deletion & cancellation of generated Invoice Reference Number for a particular transaction. Get ready to enjoy the e-invoice experience and you will be pleasantly surprised with the seamlessly unmatched detection, prevention & correction capabilities of TallyPrime.