Tally Software Solutions And Services By Spectra Tally Simplified

Pratibha Devasenapathy 2020-07-18 07:20:13

Most businesses do not realise the time and effort that gets wasted when accounts are maintained manually. Efficiency and ease in these operations could very well have given them the space to focus on the mainstream ventures of the business while leaving the mundane accounting tasks to accounting software.

Unlike most of the SAAS nowadays this is hosted on your computer or your server. Anything happens to your storage and you’ve just lost entire finance of the organisation. They do provide a simple backup to disk feature but it’s rudimentary. No cloud provider sync or incremental backups are available.

A large number of businesses in India, regardless of how small or big they are, opt for Tally Accounting Software to act as a catalyst to ease their work. Being said that, still, the accounts team need to file returns manually which is quite a daunting task, considering the size of the organization and its turnover for the fiscal year.

This task can be traced down to be performed in an easier fashion as GST can easily be integrated with the Tally ERP 9 software. Now, automating the functioning of finance is easier for small and medium businesses with the integration of Tally & GST.

Spectra Compunet is one of the leading firms in Tally solution provider. With exceeded efforts to grow your business, we believe in long-lasting relation with our prestigious clients.

We provide employee training to those who are using Tally.ERP 9 and other Tally software. There is now a need to upgrade the software to the latest version so that filing GST returns accurately and usage of the Tally’s error detection and correction capability feature before exporting their GSTR-1 forms is possible for the accounting team of the organisation.

We proffer professional services for accounting and ERP software that includes but is not limited to:

Tally Corporate Training- Our Corporate training program contains various modules which can be picked & chosen from so that it satisfies your organizational training needs. It is designed to train your accountant, and other respective executives to carry out their tasks efficiently through Tally.

Tally Online and Onsite Support- After-sales support remains a major concern for us at SPECTRA, with highly experienced and well-trained support executive, we ensure to tackle every online or onsite crisis in a professional way.

Tally Annual Support Contract- Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is maintenance & repair services rendered by the service provider and manufacturers to the customers, at an exchange of prices, once the warranty of manufacturers’ warranty is over. The annual maintenance contract helps the customers to maintain their products in efficient working conditions for usually one year for free of cost.

Tally Integration- Tally-to-Tally integration is possible through synchronization. The process of synchronization happens when the information or data is replicated in two or more places. This is helpful for the branch offices for sending data to the main office and vice versa.

Tally Customisation- Every organization during its journey creates its own niche. This leads to unique business requirements which our tally customisation allows to be incorporated into the standard Tally software.

Spectra Compunet is a one-stop solution to modern businesses for accounting and ERP

Our rigorous efforts and desire for excellence and innovation have made us a 3 star Tally certified partner. Our services cater to the varied requirements of modern businesses and provide them with the best & cost-effective solutions.