Accelerate Payment Collection with TallyPrime 3.0

Spectra Compunet Pvt. Ltd. 2023-08-10 12:20:45

With the latest release of TallyPrime, you can now connect with payment gateways, simplifying payment processes. Before this integration, businesses had to record entries in TallyPrime and generate payment links separately, causing delays and inefficiencies.

Now, TallyPrime enables businesses to handle everything in one system - recording transactions, generating payment links, and reconciling payments. No more switching between systems, saving time and minimizing errors. The integrated reconciliation feature in TallyPrime also helps match payments received with invoices and keeps track of outstanding payments effortlessly.

Add QR code and payments on invoices:

With Tally Prime's Payment Gateway integration, generate QR codes and payment links on invoices for single or multiple transactions. Customers can conveniently pay through mobile devices, speeding up payment collection for businesses. The feature enhances security by eliminating manual payment entries, providing a seamless and efficient payment process.

Various option to share payment link and QR code:

TallyPrime offers versatile payment links and QR code sharing options. Generate links via email or SMS, embed them into invoices, allowing customers to pay directly without switching platforms. TallyPrime's flexibility streamlines transactions and ensures convenient payments for customers.

Improved payment link generation and management:

TallyPrime's convenient feature generates payment links directly from accounting reports like the outstanding report. This allows easy tracking of receivables and swift payment requests to customers, saving time and enhancing cash flow management. Analyzing accounting reports helps identify outstanding payments, streamlining the process of generating payment links.

Flexible payment options:

TallyPrime allows partial payment options from gateways, even with multiple bill references. Generate payment links for all or specific bills, simplifying partial payments and providing greater flexibility for users.

Simplified reconciliation process:

TallyPrime's payment gateway integration simplifies transaction reconciliation. Import data from the gateway and automatically reconcile with existing entries or create new ones. This streamlined process eliminates manual effort, saving time, and ensuring accuracy for efficient reconciliation in TallyPrime.

Support for multiple payment gateways in TallyPrime:

TallyPrime simplifies payment operations by handling transactions across various payment gateways like PayU and Razorpay in one system. Merchants can effortlessly choose the desired gateway in TallyPrime to generate payment links, streamlining payment management and eliminating the need for multiple systems.

Customized access for multiple users:

In TallyPrime 3.0, manage multiple users with distinct access rights based on their roles in the business. Assign tasks and control their system access, such as generating payment collection links, viewing transactions, and reconciling reports. Ensure secure and authorized usage by granting access to specific users for generating payment links.