Excel To Tally Import Export utility

Excel To Tally Import Export utility 

M.S Excel to Tally is one of the best method to get your business data in Tally. Not always the Business data is avaible in simpler file formats, but taking it to excel is always been a easy task, hence we have developed standard ulitlity that will manage to import the Excel data transactiona to Tally.

It can import all your data that can be stored in Tally such as various voucher entries (sales, purchase, receipt, payment, journal, contra, Credit Note, Debit Note etc.), stocks, ledgers, cost centres, etc. The data can be from any source such as your legacy system, ERP, Excel sheets, etc.

Further, it takes no time for our Tally experts to develop a custom defined excel Tally ultilty and deploy at client side. Also you can send us sample Tally data along with the excel that needs to be imported in Excel sheet. Using our import ulitlity tool will ensure for imoprting of all the required data in Tally in just a few clicks.


  • Import data in few clicks
  • Avoid repetitive entries
  • Avoid Human Errors and maintain Data Integrity
  • Quick data import, Save time & increase Productivity

Excel to Tally Import

Introducing the Excel to Tally Import feature in TallyPrime 4.0 – a game-changer that simplifies data migration and empowers businesses with greater flexibility and control over their financial information. With the ever-evolving business landscape, the need for efficient data transfer has become paramount, and TallyPrime 4.0 delivers.

Seamless Data Migration: Streamlines the import of Microsoft Excel data into TallyPrime, facilitating the transition of financial data and transactions. This reduces manual data entry and minimizes the risk of errors.

User-Friendly Interface: TallyPrime's intuitive interface ensures that the Excel to Tally Import feature is accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. It is designed for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to Tally.

Customization and Mapping: Users can map Excel columns to Tally fields, ensuring accurate data placement within the software. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses with unique data structures and reporting requirements.

Data Validation and Error Handling: Data validation checks identify discrepancies and errors in imported data, allowing for quick corrections before finalization. This proactive approach reduces data discrepancies and troubleshooting time.

Time and Cost Savings: The Excel to Tally Import feature is a time-saving solution, reducing the effort and hours needed for manual data entry. It allows businesses to allocate resources to more strategic tasks.

Enhanced Accuracy: Accurate data migration is crucial for reliable financial reporting. This feature ensures precise data transfer, maintaining data integrity and eliminating the risk of manual entry errors.

Excel To Tally Import Export utility