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Introduction to Tally on AWS Cloud

You are familiar with the trust and simplicity of Tally products, and with AWS you will find expertise in cloud platforms. TallyPrime on AWS has been worked upon by teams at Tally & AWS to make sure it works for you anytime, anywhere. To know more about how AWS ensures high availability and security of data, you can visit this link.

Tally cloud is simply an online solution, in which you may use your Tally software from anywhere without having to use your computer. Essentially, rather than installing accounting software from a disc to your computer, you can simply install it on a cloud server and access your company application and data from anywhere.

Benefits of Tally on AWS Cloud
To run your business efficiently, Cloud accounting can help you in many ways. It provides you with a foolproof way for gaining access to your business application and financial data in a seamless and secure way. If you are thinking about having cloud accounting software for your company, here are some benefits that you can look for:

1.    Data exchange security and easy Collaboration

One of the most important features a business owner looks for in accounting software is secure data sharing. This activity of working in sync with concerned folks becomes much easier with cloud accounting. TallyPrime Powered by AWS allows business owners to exchange data without having to travel to another location thanks to a simple method. Regardless of where you or your teammates are based. Cloud technology will enable you to communicate with various stakeholders in a seamless and collaborative manner.

2.    Flexibility as per the need of business

The majority of cloud base software comes in a standard format. Not everyone will be able to provide you with solutions that meet your business needs to its topmost level of security, whether it’s in terms of users, legitimacy, or scope of operation. A flexible cloud solution powered by AWS, on the other hand, provides the solutions that look most Reliable, Secure, Flexible, Economical and Platform Agnostic.  

3.    Saves your time and additional expenses

Because data sharing takes place over the internet, it saves business owners time that would otherwise be spent putting up the necessary infrastructure. The cloud technology you choose should be so simple and adaptable that you don’t waste any more time or money configuring it. Users may access any essential information without any difficulties or further infrastructure expenditure thanks to an easy-to-set-up and one-time login using credentials.

4.    Easy Accessible

Tally is widely used for accounting but it can also handle a variety of business duties that covers Material Management, Production, Supply chain, Payroll etc. Tally used to be an on-premise software that could only be accessed from the device where Tally.exe was installed. however, TallyPrime Powered by AWS, on the other hand, has transformed the scenario, and Now, organizations may access Tally from anywhere, at any time, on any device, with enhanced security. For small and medium-sized businesses, this functionality makes the product more adaptable and effective. With this device, the challenges of establishing hardware and software washed away.

5.    Best Security with automatic update

To stay ahead of your competitors, one needs to keep the software up to date. With Tally on the AWS platform, one will always be working on the up-to-date version of TallyPrime and on top of that the data records are backed up with high security and encryption. Ascertain that the Tally AWS cloud allows you to access the software on an independent virtual machine. 

6.    Best feature- Remote Access

This is one of the best features of Tally on AWS Cloud as your organization expands, so do its requirements. More people, warehouses, products, and information across several channels and verticals. As a result, it is advisable to use a solution system that will facilitate the movement of information from one location to another while also ensuring that data access is not hampered. It also allows:

•        Unlimited possibilities of having access to your business data at any time, from any location- whether at the office, at home, or while traveling around the world.

•        Not just for a single user, but also for numerous users working on the same firm data at the same time, as if they were on an office LAN.

7.    Real-time Data accessibility

The real-time data of a firm can aid in the making of quick decisions for the benefit of the company's growth. Users can also construct performance reports using real-time synchronized data. The function improves the business' overall efficiency and saves time by allowing a quick decision to be made.

8.    Complete security

The most significant component is the business database, which is also something that businesses do not want to share with anyone. With TallyPrime AWS cloud solution it maintains the data safe and secure by encrypting it to keep the database safe from hackers and other dangers. This product is the first choice for corporates due to its secure antivirus and backup option. The AWS solution comes with a variety of security features to meet the needs of businesses.

9.    Economical 

We have worked with AWS who are experts and leaders in the field of cloud technologies to offer you the best in terms of pricing, availability, scalability and security of your business data. 

Why choose Tally AWS cloud Solution

TallyPrime is referred to as a TallyPrime powered by AWS when it is used on third-party cloud servers. In India, there is a surge in demand for using Tally remotely. Tally on cloud in India, we must say, transforms the entire working environment in enterprises. When we look at the tally line product list, it is the most popular and trending item.

Perhaps this is due to the pandemic situation, in which most firms have chosen to work from home. The benefits of cloud solution, as well as the work-from-home culture, make it the best solution for organizations and generate demand for the product. Tally on AWS Cloud allows you to get connected to your Tally software from anywhere, anytime. It's a multi-tier solution that works in a distributed fashion across numerous business branches and locations through the internet.

Getting Started

Embrace the future of accounting with TallyPrime powered by AWS in just a few simple steps:

  1. Subscription: Choose a subscription plan that aligns with your business needs.

  2. Installation: Easy installation process with step-by-step guidance for a hassle-free setup.

  3. Training and Support: Access comprehensive training resources and dedicated customer support to maximize your TallyPrime experience.

TallyPrime Powered by AWS