Revolutionary Streamlined and Potent Report Filtering in TallyPrime.

Spectra Compunet Pvt. Ltd. 2023-08-16 12:51:14

Looking to narrow down your report view to specific transaction sets? Whether it's transactions tied to a particular party, items under a specific tax rate, or those recorded within a certain date range, we've got you covered!

Introducing the game-changing 'Filter Feature' in the latest release of TallyPrime, designed to cater to all your reporting needs. Say goodbye to reporting misery, as this feature empowers you to fine-tune your report data with any combination of conditions.

Say hello to the all-new 'Filter in Reports' tool – a user-friendly and potent addition that transforms your data filtering experience. With just a click, you can effortlessly apply filters to your transactions and masters. The result? Crystal-clear, precise insights that take your TallyPrime data analysis to the next level.

But that's not all. Alongside the ability to filter, you can slice and dice information, customize report views, and personalize your reports using the 'Save View' option. This dynamic trio of features amplifies TallyPrime's reporting prowess, providing businesses with a deeper, more insightful understanding of their reports. Dive into the world of enhanced analysis, discovery, and comprehension – courtesy of TallyPrime!

All new powerful report filters

Easily access specific data – sales, purchases, inventory, and more – by applying simple filters to reports. Discover key features and benefits of the Filter Feature, streamlining data retrieval for businesses.

Filter with values using any field:

Enter a value or parameter to filter; TallyPrime swiftly displays results by searching that value across all or chosen fields.

Easily filter cash sales transactions from the sales register in TallyPrime. Just choose 'Filter', input 'cash', and watch as TallyPrime instantly displays all relevant cash sales transactions.

Easily filter data by customer, supplier, invoice number, and more. Instantly sort transactions by specifying values like 'Sunday' or 'Canceled'. Simplify information retrieval with precise filters for efficient data analysis.

Our filter options cater to diverse needs, ranging from any-field to specific-field value searches. When applying filters, select from an extensive array of fields in transactions and masters for accurate outcomes.

To filter transactions with a 5% discount, choose 'Discount %' field, set 'equal to' condition, and input '5%' value. Simplified filtering process for precise results.

Multi-filter and advance filter:

In some scenarios, information often demands filtering through multiple conditions across various fields. For instance, filtering payments exceeding 50,000 to Max Enterprises. The Multi-filter and Advanced-filter modes in TallyPrime simplify such complexities effortlessly, enabling seamless management of multifaceted filtering requirements.

The screen displays the process of applying multiple conditions and fields for instant information filtering. Tailored to address diverse business scenarios, the holistic report filter feature efficiently accommodates limitless requirements, ensuring comprehensive functionality.

Get to know how details are filtered:

Discover filter details effortlessly. After applying the filter, explore precise matching values with a simple click. TallyPrime's Filter Details unveils exact matches corresponding to your filter keywords, providing in-depth insights.

Save the filtered view of the report:

TallyPrime offers quick filtering for instant results and the ability to save filter conditions in reports for future use. For instance, to review cash transactions exceeding 10,000, apply a filter for cash sales over 10,000 and save the customized report for easy reference.

Access the report anytime and receive live updates for additional cash sales made during the specified period.

Interpreting and analyzing reports is crucial for data-driven decisions. TallyPrime's new robust report filter features simplify and enhance data filtering, aiding users in making effective choices by streamlining the process seamlessly.