TallyPrime Manufacturing e-Suite

TallyPrime Manufacturing e-Suite

TallyPrime Manufacturing e- Suite?, an ultimate solution for manufacturers on the most powerful Platform.
Tally forms the foundation on which all our enterprise solutions, products, and services are built and delivered. The system has been designed utilizing the full power of Tally. Hence it inherits the simplicity, flexibility & scalability of the Platform.

You can deploy it in decentralized mode in individual factory units & synchronize data to head office OR have a centralized server with user's logging in from various locations. It integrates all the departments of a Manufacturing organization & has a seamless workflow between them.

eSUITE illustrate our extensive experience in delivering comprehensive solutions and services, to empower every aspect of business operations of Manufacturing Organization. By deploying eSUITE ERP solutions, you can effectively streamline and integrate your business processes, optimize the entire supply chain, and quickly identify customer needs, eventually contributing to an improved bottom line.

Manufactuieng e-Suite Process Module

  • Procurement & Material Management

The Procurement & Material Management System optimize control over critical Inventories, warns stock out or overstocking, stock aging, Quality Control on Receipts, vendor performance evaluation & manages the vendor relationship.

Purchase Order system provides a powerful, efficient tool for taking control of Material & supplies as early as possible. The reorder level trigger helps maintain sufficient inventory stocks to ensure non-stop production as per plan. Analyze the performance of vendor based on the quality supplied, timely deliveries, redress of grievances & price factor.

The Pre-purchase system is designed to track User Indents or Purchase Plan, floating purchase enquiry to suppliers, comparing quotations (selection of suppliers) and Placing of Purchase Orders.

The bill passing module helps to accelerate financial settlement cycles for optimal payment terms.

Materials Issues are tracked to Production, Consumption or Capitalization as the case may be.

A complete integrated system, the eSUITE shall help you to:

Define Approved Vendors for Items Respond to materials Indents & purchase Plan, across departments, in a synchronized and timely manner Float inquiries & invite quotation Track Vendor Performance Rating based on past transactions Quotations Comparison across vendors

Assure the Quality of goods received, generate test reports and take the necessary actions for noncompliance and discrepancies

Return the damaged goods Bill passing module for quick finance entries & improved payment cycle

  • Quality Assurance

In the highly Competitive Global Market, Assured Quality is the word of excellence that counts above all sales efforts. Assured Quality is the outcome of stringent discipline across the Business Process, Provided by eSUITE, achieved by Quality control on all inputs, Process level testing, Production Level testing & Quality Confirmative test on dispatches etc.

eSUITE ERP allows you to define product quality parameters & set standards for each Item. It covers Product Inspection & testing on both Input & Output Material. The quality Controller observations are entered in the Quality module for each material receipts and later used as key criterion in Vendor evaluation.

All Goods Produced Passes through the Quality Approval cycle before they are packed, and yet passes the confirmatory test before made available for dispatching it to the Customers. The quality Assurance department records the quality/grades of each batch as per the a parameters planned. This quality information is used for printing “Certificate of Quality” during sales of goods.

A complete integrated system, the eSUITE shall help you to:

Define quality parameters for all input & output stock Items as per quality plans Quality Control dept inspects & tests material received from Vendor before it is available for production

Quality reports annexed to Material receipt Note & can be retrieved for further analysis

Vendors performance can be evaluated based on quality, time adherence & grievances redressal

Finished Goods are queued for testing before being packed

Allows Label Printing

Test Reports are made for every batch of produced Goods

Certificate of Quality is printed from test reports & can be produced on customer demand

  • Gate Management

eSUITE tracks all material movement across the factory gate based on due purchase orders or Sales Orders, as its stringent Control permit only authorized materials/ goods to be brought in & send out of the Factory premises.

The system enhances the security check, links the same with weigh bridge control, ensure net weight reconciliation to receipts or dispatches.

System notifies the arrival of materials to purchase/ Stores by SMS to confirm /makes arrangement for receipts.

eSUITE also issues visitor’s passes keep historical record of visitors.

A complete integrated system, the eSUITE shall help you to:

- Maintain movement of vehicle carrying

- Materials & Goods across Factory Gate

- Send inward Notification via SMS to Purchase & Store Persons

- Send outward Notification via SMS to MSales & Dispatch

- Integrate with Weighing Scales &

- Integrate with Weighing Scales &

- Maintain & Tracks Visitors details for security

- Send visitors Notification via SMS to Concern Person

- Generate Visitor Passes & Maintains In & Out Register

- Generate & Maintain Vehicle Inward & Outward Register

  • Sales & Dispatch Management

The success of any organization depends on the customer satisfaction. The sales & dispatch system automates the entire process from order to Cash, improve efficiency, implement credit policy, speed up turn around time & throws up most critical MIS needed for further sales strategy & planning. Analyze the performance of a customer over a period and across multiple items or of an item across multiple customers. The sales & dispatch system integration with other departments like production & finance ensures delivery of products & services to the customer on time. The sales team is aware about the current status of the order & what to expect in near future. The integrated solution sees that the production happens on time or inform the sales team in case of delay & the finance team can know what to expect as revenue.

See the entire history of customer, cost estimation of the product based on standard price or the last purchase price of raw material, before quoting to your customer. Generate packing list, invoice & all relevant documents required for exports.

The sales order booking can be extended to the on-field sales force on their mobile to increase their productivity.

A complete integrated system, the eSUITE shall help you to:

- Maintain & track quotations sent to Customers

- Create Sales order & send confirmation

- Real-time sales order entry through web or Mobile

- Credit Control with exception management

- Price list management

- Dispatch Notification by SMS/ e-mail

- Agent/Broker management with commission calculation & monitoring outstanding

- Generate extensive MIS eg. Salesman-wise, Area-wise, Product-wise across multiple period

- Define Sales target and monitor actual performance

- Generate packing list & Tax Invoice Export documentation

  • Finance & Accounts

The Accounting and finance team can play an active and valuable role in management and day-to-day operations. Flexible account structure and seamless integration with all business operations provide easy access to the financial effects of operations. Automated accounting entries eliminate errors and save time for reviewing, analyzing and acting on financial information.

The account & Finance module provides Complete Book Keeping, Registers & Statement of Accounts, General Ledger, Credit Control, Accounts Receivables & Payable, Flexible Voucher Numbering, Flexible Classifications of Accounts Heads, Bird's Eye View / Drill Down Display, Date Based Reporting, Voucher & Cheque Printing, Columnar Report, Bank Reconciliation, Multi Currency, Multiple financial year, Comparison of data, Post dated Vouchers, User defined Vouchers, Sales and Purchase Extracts, Daily Balances & Transactions Value, Cash Flows, Interest Calculations, Percentage Based Reporting and many more features.

A complete integrated system, the eSUITE shall help you to:

- Manage multiple company, locations, periods & consolidation

- Book Keeping - various ledgers & Registers

- Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

- Trial Balance & Final Accounts

- Cash Flow & Fund Flows

- Dashboard for Business Ratios

- Criteria based searching for various key information

- Bill Passing & settlements

- Bank Reconciliation & interest calculation

- Controls booking duplicate bills of services like Freight & transport

- Overdue bills / credit limit control

- Budgeting & controls

- Manages Post Dated & Provisional Transactions

- Manages Multiple Inventory valuations

- Handles Business Exceptions

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