WhatsApp Module

Tally WhatsApp Integration Improve Your Interactions in Business 

TallyPrime on WhatsApp is a unique communication tool that helps you Stay-in-Touch with your customers, distributors, dealers, resellers, agents, other business associates and even your employees.

What is Tally WhatsApp Integration?

Tally WhatsApp Integration is an effective application that combines Facebook's extensive user base and communication convenience with Tally's strong accounting skills. With the help of this integration, businesses can use WhatsApp to deliver reports, invoices, payment reminders, and other crucial updates, keeping clients and team members informed and involved at all times.

Key Features of Tally WhatsApp Integration

Automated Messaging: Schedule and send automated messages for invoices, reminders, and reports.

Real-Time Notifications: Get real-time alerts on updates, approvals, and transactions.

Document Sharing: With WhatsApp, it's simple to communicate statements, receipts, and financial paperwork. 

Customer Support: Provide prompt and efficient customer support directly through WhatsApp.

Secure Communication: Ensure all communications are encrypted and secure.

Benefits of Integrating Tally with WhatsApp

Enhanced Communication: Improve communication with clients and team members by leveraging WhatsApp’s user-friendly interface.

Increased Efficiency: Automate repetitive processes so you may concentrate on more important business duties. 

Improved Customer Engagement: Keep your customers informed and engaged with timely updates and personalized messages.

Cost-Effective: Reduce costs associated with traditional communication methods such as phone calls and SMS.

Easy Setup and Use: Simple integration process with minimal technical expertise required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Tally WhatsApp Integration secure?
A1: Yes, all communications through Tally WhatsApp Integration are encrypted to ensure data security and privacy.

Q2: Do I need technical expertise to set up the integration?
A2: The setup process is straightforward and requires minimal technical knowledge. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the process.

Q3: Can I customize the messages sent through WhatsApp?
A3: Yes, you can customize message templates to suit your business needs and communication style.

Q4: What types of documents can I share via WhatsApp?
A4: You can share invoices, receipts, statements, reports, and other financial documents directly through WhatsApp.

Q5: How can I get support if I encounter issues with the integration?
A5: Most providers offer customer support to assist with any issues or queries you may have regarding the integration.


  •  Send bills direct to your consumers
  •  Check your valuable payments & receipts
  •  Check E- invoice & E-way bill details 
  •  Send outstading reports to your consumers
  •  Send salary slip to employees.

Benefits to Business

  • Save time as invoices directly Send on WhatsApp.
  • easy to know E- way & E- invoice bill details on WhatsApp.
  • save employees salary details in mobile.
  • easy to check finacial entires on WhatsApp.

By integrating Tally with WhatsApp, businesses can streamline their communication processes, enhance customer engagement, and improve overall operational efficiency. Get started today and experience the benefits of Tally WhatsApp Integration for your business.


WhatsApp Module